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Hayawan is a dramedy series that takes you inside the mind of a Muslim American girl growing up in New Jersey in Post 9/11 America.

Sophia conceived ‘Hayawan’ in 2020 and has been developing the story and sharing the journey online ever since. She’s so excited to write from her own experiences and help tell the stories of the MENA community which is one of the most underrepresented groups in the industry.was inspired to write this Her story from the famous Martin Scorcese quote, “The most personal is the most creative.” HAYAWAN is a direct connection to my own experience as a first generation muslim American and what it was like to grow up in both cultures and surrounded by other immigrant cultures in America. 

Hayawan is currently in development. Sophia and her Hayawan Team will be launching a seed and spark Campaign Summer 2023 to raise money for the series developmental fund. Click the link to the website for more information, series login, and Hayawan content. 

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